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Prerequisites – You must have added your domain to, and you must have a valid account

Procedure - Log into and click “Overview” on top navigation bar.

Click “Add Domain


Fill out the form as follows:

Name – This is you zone name, such as

Nameserver IP (primary) – The server that will accept the DNS Updates. Please use “2001:470:1f07:eb7::26”

Nameserver IP (secondary) – The server that will be used by to ensure queries can be made. Please use “2a06:7246:1::101”

Nameserver update algorithm – Choose an algorithm of your liking. We recommend “HMAC_SHA512”

Comment – Leave a comment for yourself so you know a brief description of this domain

Click “Add

You will be presented with your algorithm of choice and the secret.

Please send both the algorithm and the secret to Nova53 via email. Please compose the email as follows:


Subject: (your domain name) and NSUPDATE.INFO

Body: Copy and paste the algorithm and secret


Once we receive the email, you will receive a ticket creation confirmation email within 5-10 minutes. Once you receive that ticket confirmation, please wait for us to respond to the ticket before proceeding further at

Once we have added the algorithm and secret to your domain, proceed back to and sign back in.

On the “Overview” page, under domains, click the domain you created.

By default, the “Available” checkbox is not selected. Please click the box to add the tick to make your domain available.

Once you do, please click “Update

Upon a successful update, you will be redirected to the main “Overview” page. If there is not a successful update, you will be presented with an error like this

“Failed to add/delete host, check your DNS server configuration. This is a requirement for setting the available flag.”

Please review the nameservers and make sure your secret has not changed. Please note, that if you click the “Show Configuration” under the domain edit page, it will destroy your previous secret and will generate a new one. If a new one is generated, please submit another email to the details above so we may update your secret again.

Once all is working, you may add records/hosts to your domain via secure TSIG updates. Each record will have its own secret, and they are not to be cross used.

** Please note that Nova53 supports the same update method for record updates. Please see ***